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We aim to support families in resolving their own disputes. We ensure professional consultancy and result.

Domestic Violence

Professional help with financial, commercial, tax disputes and other complex business issues.

Drug Crimes

Your civil rights will be defended and represented on the highest level with the best outcome.

Weapon Crimes

We understand how to handle the complex statutory and contractual issues that frequently arise in claims.


In today’s challenging economic climate, our clients demand advice which is efficient.

Trial Advocacy

Our team advises clearing and private banks, building societies, specialist lenders and borrowers.

Traffic Ticket Defense

Misdemeanor Defense

Felonies are the most serious kind of criminal charges. This makes it imperative to have legal representation that will truly fight for your freedom. What sets Reid apart from the vast majority of criminal defense attorneys is that he will take your case to trial rather that pressuring you to take a plea deal. Reid is passionate about going to trial and will leave no stone unturned to ensure a successful outcome. 

DMV Hearings

Alcohol or drug related driving offenses often carry collateral consequences separate from what happens in the court proceeding. Whether you are facing a revocation for a refusal to submit to a chemical test or your results came back above the legal limit, Reid can represent you at that hearing.
Motions are the way lawyers advocate for their client by requesting things through the court. Whether your rights were violated or you want permission to travel pending the outcome of your case, Reid can draft any necessary motion to meet your needs. Here are some examples:


While most view probation as the end of a case, the court still retains jurisdiction over the terms of probation you must abide by. If probation is giving you a hard time, Reid can submit a motion to the court to modify conditions of that probation to help you successfully complete your sentence.